Picture your home as a serene sanctuary.

Imagine how efficient you would be if you were to banish clutter from your life. Katharine the Great Organizer is dedicated to eradicating chaos from physical spaces. Her intention is for this process to allow her clients to enjoy newfound clarity, peace, energy, and purpose.

Katharine the Great and her clients accomplish such feats as:

~ Reorganizing kitchens, including pantries and refrigerators/freezers

~ Decluttering and reclaiming dining rooms and living rooms

~ Revamping bedrooms, including paring down wardrobes and organizing linen closets

~ Hanging artwork throughout the home

Here's how it works: Katharine visits your home or office, and you take her on a tour of the areas you want to address. When you show her your space, know that where you see clutter, Katharine sees potential. After you tell her your specific goals and your vision for the space, the two of you map out a plan of action. Then, she works alongside you to declutter the areas you discussed and establish organization systems that suit your aesthetic and are easy to maintain.